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November 12, 2019

Life in nature has a rhythm and despite the complexities of an ecosystem that is, ultimately, the purest and most efficient of machines, it is quite simple to comprehend. It comes down to survival and there is the unmistakable awareness of the fragility of each moment. Animals know what is at stake when faced with another species in the wild. They know what to expect. Yet human beings, in our constant desire for more, have thrown natural order into disarray. Some of it is evolutionary: a growing population means a growing need for food and shelter. The rest is greed, an assumption that everything is ours to take. As a species we have become disconnected from each other. We have become disconnected from ourselves. And in doing so, we have become disconnected from the planet on which we live. How do we find ourselves and in turn return respect for the only place that we can call home?

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