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May 22, 2020

If I was to tell a story of my life through yoga, you would find a person who was vastly different to the one I am today. Back when I started to practice yoga, my goals were different compared to what they are now and exploring the tougher poses weren't part of what was then my end goal. Today my focus is to feel strong--in my mind, in my heart, and in my body. It's not about weight loss or a "bikini body" or filling a void. There are so many many poses that I want to master but that's what excites me about it. That there is so much for me to do and explore. I'm not looking for "results" per se. I'm looking for a sense of accomplishment. It's an indication of how far I've come physically and definitely mentally.

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The Citrine Room is a news and lifestyle blog with a focus on stories that expand the way we think and challenge the way we feel. I am Monita Rajpal a journalist, a curator, and a blogger. In the podcast, you will hear my blog posts in audio. It's my conversation with you with the aim to illuminate, educate, and resonate. After all good conversation connects us.


And we all want to feel connected.

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