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July 10, 2020

Do you ever feel afraid of being judged? Do you ever feel uncomfortable when posting, on social media or online, a photograph, a video, an article, anything that has part of your heart and soul in it? Why are we so scared of showing people who we are? What is it about our psyche that tells us that being vulnerable and open is bad? We have seen that audiences, viewers, social media users, all respond to stories that are authentic, that are honest, fragile, transparent. Yet every time we hit send or publish there is that fear of the world crashing in around us. There is that fear that with publishing a part of ourselves, we have created an opening for others to judge us, criticise us, rip us to shreds. However, I realised it isn't the voices of others that we are fearing. It is just that one voice that we fear the most. The one that belongs to us.

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The Citrine Room is a news and lifestyle blog with a focus on stories that expand the way we think and challenge the way we feel. I am Monita Rajpal a journalist, a curator, and a blogger. In the podcast, you will hear my blog posts in audio. It's my conversation with you where I share reflections on life, our journey, and the news. I've a learned alot of life lessons, sometimes the hard way. After all in sharing our stories we connect and realise that there is more that connects us than divides us.


And we all want to feel connected. Don't we?

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