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March 21, 2020

Self isolation gives one a lot of time to think. Then again, this is a subject I've been thinking about for many years: health. For each of us it's personal. Our health. Perhaps today we are that much more aware of the importance of our health, what is going on inside us, than ever before. And while today, we are fighting a war against an enemy that has no face, that doesn’t discriminate, and will attack at will, undetected, there is something we can do. There are two armies that will save us: one before we get sick and the one that is there for us after.

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The Citrine Room is a news and lifestyle blog with a focus on stories that expand the way we think and challenge the way we feel. I am Monita Rajpal a journalist, a curator, and a blogger. In the podcast, you will hear my blog posts in audio. It's my conversation with you with the aim to illuminate, educate, and resonate. After all good conversation connects us.


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